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My name is Sigurdur Baldursson but I go by Siggi. I am a passionate and empathetic graphic designer that loves creating Web sites, User interfaces (UI), Visual Identities and Videos. User Experience (UX) is something that is of high interest to me because good design is not just making things look visually sensational, it’s about function, purpose and design goals. 

  • I enjoy educating and adapting my skills as well as keeping up with the latest trends and technologies. I have a good understanding of how Design works in effect with codes since I have worked closely with developers, in bringing designs to life. If you’re interested in finding a passionate and efficient graphic designer, then I’m your guy. I believe that the key to a thriving business is delivering exceptional work that goes beyond the client’s expectations. 

    I’m Icelandic, currently living in Odense, Denmark. I have a BA degree in Design and Business, which focused on user-centered design. Currently, I am available for freelance or full-time hire.

Motion Graphic CV