Final BA Project

This project will only cover the primary visual designs of my final BA thesis. It will not go into details about the topics discussed within the research paper. This project recieved a 12/12 on the danish grading scale. 


“Mearn-IT” is a start up planning to launch an online job sharing platform, where users can post and seek small jobs or tasks peer-to-peer.

Research Question

“A Case-Study on Sharing Economy: How Can Mearn-IT Rapidly Build a Customer Base and Retain its Users?”


This research was conducted in order to gain knowledge in the field of marketing, through a genuine case study of a start-up company planning to launch on the Danish market in 2017. The objective of the study is to answer the research question by looking into three main topics; Brand Advocates, Customer Reward Programs and Loyalty drivers with regard to the sharing economy. The topic of this study was chosen with the goal of finding tangible solutions, which may later be used to the benefit of other companies as well. 
The findings of the study support the employment of Brand Advocates, an integration of a point-based customer reward program, implementing an effective trust system and applying elements such as gamification to encourage customer loyalty and retention.


The existing Mearn IT color scheme was used to create the logo, as requested by the start-up. The colors were given new names for aesthetic purposes, with the function of the platform in mind. Dusky Turquois, also used on the old logo, was used in the new proposal so that It can be tested on the Mearn IT platform, without changing the platforms current color scheme.  The old logo was refreshed and created in vector form. The version had a euro sign for the “E”, which was developed into a new symbol that can be used on its own to represent the brand.




“In addition to signaling status, people want badges for all kinds of reasons. For many people, collecting is a powerful drive. Other players enjoy the sudden rush of surprise or pleasure when an unexpected badge shows up in a gamified system. A well-designed, visually valuable badge can also be compelling for purely aesthetic reasons” (Zichermann & Cunningham, 2011).


Platform Badges

The badges explain themselves, comment critter is rewarded to users who frequently comment, sharing is caring is given to users who share a lot and rating master is given to users who are frequent raters.

Random Badges

The purpose of the Random Badges is to surprise users with rewards which they did not necessarily expect, since surprise can be a useful element in gamification. “Program planner” is received when a user has planned multiple jobs in advance for the month. “On point” is rewarded when a user is consistently on-time for jobs. “Location Lancer” is rewarded to a user who has completed jobs in multiple locations, more specifically multiple towns or cities.

Experience Badges

The purpose of the Work Experience Badges is to encourage users to develop skillsets within certain fields as well as seek all kinds of jobs. Furthermore, to aid job providers in picking someone for their job when multiple users show it interest.

Job Provider Badges

Finally, the Job Provider Badges should aid job seekers in finding the types of jobs they want, allowing them to follow job providers who consistently provide a certain category of job. The classes below include dog walking, repairing and window cleaning.

App Design

The whole application was not designed since it reaches out of the frame of this study. Only the point system prototype was designed as a part of this thesis, nevertheless, it was designed with an overall theme in mind, which can be utilized in the final application design.


Clickable elements within the prototype include the red star, which indicates a typical merchandise transaction using the collected Mearn IT points. The Mearn IT logo can also be clicked to start-over and the back arrow can be clicked when present in the top left corner. 
The prototype can be viewed here: 


“The purpose of the merchandise is to encourage transactions through the Mearn IT platform by assisting job receivers in their tasks. Additionally, as apparent in the interviews, having an identity as a Mearn IT job-doer or “Mearner” is important, to give them a legitimate identity when performing tasks.” 


Brand awareness, aiding users in their tasks, encouraging future work, customer retention & identification for workers.


The collection

Female T-Shirts

Worker Gloves

Unisex Hoodies

Male T-Shirts

Unisex Raincoats

Sports bags

Beanie hats

Worker Pants