DF Þjálfun

Daniel Fjeldsted is an Icelandic personal trainer, offering three different types of training. He offers personal sessions, training programs, group sessions as well as Hybrid-training. He wants to take his business to the next level and increasing his revenue by focusing more on hybrid-training and programs, and the key for this is – online presence. The task here was to create a visual identity for Daniel, which he intends to use for social media, along with a modern and professional website. 



An iterative design process when creating the visual identity for Daniel Fjeldsted. Daniel was provided with a variety of concepts to choose from – this allowed him to narrow down his preferences, with regards to aesthetics, style, and typography. The direction we went from here was creating a logo that could be used on a different medium, including his website and on social media. Therefore, an icon-based logo was appropriate.


Web Design

The purpose of the website is to generate leads through emails, therefore there is a focus on the products that Daniel provides. He offers 3 types of training 1) Persona, 2) programs and 3)Hybrid-training. The website is built to be SEO friendly, as well as reflect his values and style of training – modern and effective. The website was built with WordPress as a CMS, so that the client can himself update prices, offers, and content, such as testimonials. The website was also fitted with a mailing list pop-up, connected with a MailChimp account so that users can sign up for free tips and tricks if they like.