Feeba is a Danish start-up, which has created a Feedback-platform, where users can post presentations and speeches, and receive feedback from other users on a timeline-based format. This allows the users to give feedback at a precise moment and link files to go with it. Feeba needed a simple website, explaining what the start-up is and linking the user towards the prototype, which is open for to testers, including students for SDU, Odense. This project was done through BigSheep Studio

View website: https://feeba.dk


Web Design

The company plans to focus its product on educations and programs, therefore the target group for the website is teachers and students. The client needed the website to reflect the product in an educational way, therefore the website is a mix of explanatory visual elements and simple layouts. One of the needs of the website was to have an FAQ section, which users can easily flip through information without having a very cluttered page. This we did by creating an accordion-style dropdown, where information can be easily toggled through.