Instafilm is a company that creates „Instafilm“ for social media. An Instafilm is a „mini-documentary“ and is max 2 minutes. There is no manuscript and all situations are filmed with authenticity as a driver. The task here was to create a website that would fit well with the companies brand and friendly feel. additional work in this project included marketing material, print and digital. This project was done through BigSheep Studio


Web Design

The key points of the Instafilm website design are threefold; to reflect the brand values, having simple UX and to be playful. This is reflected in the style of the website – balancing vivid colors with whitespace and using playful imagery to make the website self-explanatory from first glance. One of the main visual elements being used here is “the blob” – a wavy purple shape which we use to complement the content of the website. The interesting thing about the blog is that we implemented it into the branding of Instafilm itself. We re-used the shape in other work for Instafilm, including for stationary, print design and digital content.