Robot Nordic

Robot Nordic is a Robotics company based in Odense Denmark. They are a part of the Robotics cluster, which has been growing and is now one of the leading Robotics clusters in the world. Robot Nordic deliver sustainable and efficient productivity improvements for their customers. Their goal is to be the preferred independent automation integrator on the market. Robot Nordic continuously strives to generate a profitable return for its customers through value-creating growth and partnerships that naturally strengthen their market position. This project was done through BigSheep Studio.
Desktop HD2

Web Design

When creating the needs-analysis for Robot Nordic, key points that were emphasized by the client´s needs included keywords such as; trust ability, professionalism, informative and good impression. Their target groups include companies outside of Denmark as well as within. Therefore we needed to keep a broad mindset when designing the website. There is a lot of information that needs to be displayed therefore, we decided to make the landing “visually-catching” and the rest of the website information-focused. A blog was implemented into the website, where the client can write posts himself.