Robust is an Icelandic networking company, which specializes in setting up WiFi systems. Their primary target groups include Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Commerce, and events. The branding for them was done by me when they started the company. Later on, the company needed a new and refreshed website, to go with the online ad-campaign, targeting Hotels, Restaurant, and Bars. See robust web design project here.

See Robust website here:

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The branding for Robust was actually done twice. The reason for this is because the client decided to change the name of the company after version one, due to legal issues. The first logo created was called “Reitur” (see Reitur porject here), and then the company name was changed to “Robust”.

  • v1_0 2
  • v1_1 2
  • v1_2 2
  • v2_0 1
  • v2_1 1
  • v2_2
  • v2_3